About Mark Updegraff

Mark C. Updegraff relocated to Rochester, NY in 1997 to pursue his Bachelor's degree in Imaging and Photographic Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). As an undergraduate, he gained valuable experience through cooperative work with NASA, Pictometry, and independent work as a 4x5 film photographer.

After working for Kodak, Mark joined RIT's Center for Imaging Science in 2003 to pursue his Master's studies in Color Science. He later worked for ITT Corporation from 2009, where he was involved in the development of video quality metrics, end-to-end spectral imaging systems, and electro-optical systems for high altitude aircraft.

In 2010, Mark decided to focus on his real estate redevelopment and private equity companies, namely Wedge Redux LLC, Ward Redux LLC, and Raze Capital LLC. These companies transform rundown properties into fully refurbished, market rate, rental properties in the greater Rochester area. Mark now oversees Updegraff companies, which specialize in the development, management, and brokerage of residential, commercial, and mixed-use real property.

Mark's passion for technology and real estate is evident through his vision and accomplishments. He is an advocate for the city of Rochester, an employer, entrepreneur, and business owner who strives to provide safe, clean, affordable, and sustainable spaces for the community. Mark raises capital for syndications in various asset classes, such as industrial, multifamily, self-storage, and built-to-rent, while overseeing the operations of Updegraff Companies. His leadership style inspires others to deploy new technologies, hone their skills, and take massive action, resulting in a colossal amount of creativity and exceeded expectations.